Microsoft’s first “Featured Sway” covers LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya

Mark Coppock

Microsoft Sway is an alternative to PowerPoint for creating effective presentations. The Office 365 tool makes it relatively easy to incorporate photos, video, social media, and other resources into multimedia presentations that can be easily hosted online. In order to help promote Sway’s ability to communicate information in a creative way, Microsoft has begun a new series that will feature Sways created for a variety of purposes.

The first featured Sway covers LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya and how LEGO bricks can be used as a form of artistic expression: 

According to Microsoft:

We felt it fitting to partner with Nathan for our first featured story because his work embraces several of our team principles, such as working with new mediums and helping people tap into their creativity. We also wanted to exhibit how Sway is best-in-class at bringing together the different elements of his craft—through photos, videos, text and animations—into a cohesive narrative that hopefully brings justice to his story and his art.

Check out the first featured Sway for both an interesting look at Sawaya as well as a demonstration of how Sway can be used to creative present a variety of different kinds of information. Head over to to start making your own.