Microsoft’s Edge Insider browser gets new autoplay media blocker as experimental feature

Laurent Giret

The Microsoft Edge announced last month that the new Chromium-based Edge would soon get the same autoplay media settings currently available in EdgeHTML, and Edge Insiders can now limit media autoplay in the web browser starting today. The experimental feature is now live in both the Canary and Dev channels, and you can turn it on by opening edge://flags/#edge-limit-autoplay in the address bar.

It’s worth noting that the algorithm used for this feature won’t block all autoplaying videos you can find while browsing the web, and Microsoft says that “most popular websites will remain affected.” Still, this should be useful to remove some of the most annoying video ads used by some websites.

Another new feature from the old Microsoft Edge that has now made its way to Edge Canary is the ability to customize font sizes and background themes while using Reading View (via Reddit). This is a definitely a nice usability improvement, and you can turn on this feature right now by checking edge://flags/#edge-reading-view-text-preference in the latest Canary build.