Microsoft’s Council for Digital Good promotes “positive online behaviors” in open letter to US lawmakers

Kareem Anderson

The Internet has arguably become a dual edge sword for most users. Easy and free access to the world knowledge base, but a cesspool of unfiltered negativity and danger due in part to the inherent anonymity it offers users.

Microsoft would like to try and address the latter claim by penning an open letter to U.S. law and policy makers. The letter from Microsoft’s Council for Digital Good, calls on lawmakers to address the meshing of real and digital issues of sextortion and cyberbullying by promoting modern laws that would essentially help to protect in-school education.

“As young people who have encountered some of these problems firsthand, our goal as the Council for Digital Good is to provide strategies, solutions and resources for other young people in these situations,” council members wrote. “For our sake and for that of future generations, it is imperative that we amplify discussions about making the internet a more productive, civil, and safe place.”

Microsoft would like lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to help tout the real world consequences when internet users, children in particular, succumb to digital risks. Microsoft’s council for well being of internet users is recommending that internet behavior and safety become a prioritized portion of in-school online education.

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Offering more than penned letters, Microsoft’s CDG council members held a two-day summit where panels discussing the importance of cyber safety the promotion of kindness and maturity online, were held. The first lady, Melania Trump also met with council members, teens and other individuals to discuss projects and presumably align her own anti-bullying “Be Best” campaign tenants.