Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller tells his own story in this TEDx talk

Laurent Giret

Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller and General Manager of Microsoft’s Image & Culture team Steve Clayton recently got the opportunity to share his journey from Liverpool to Redmond in a TEDx talk. If you’re not familiar with them, TEDx events are independent TED (Technology, Entertainment Design) based events where executives, artists, politicians and more are given twenty minutes or more to deliver engaging exposés. Clayton, a 18 years Microsoft veteran is now in charge of team of storytellers and you can watch his very interesting talk after the video description below:

Steve joined Microsoft almost 20 years ago and in this TEDx talk reflects on the journey from Liverpool to role of Chief Storyteller at Microsoft’s HQ in Seattle. Using story, cartoons from his pal Hugh MacLeod and 3 short lessons, Steve shares insights from the journey with his home town crowd in Liverpool.

Steve’s personal journey takes him from Merseyside to Microsoft, Seattle. He rose to international fame when he became the very first person to conduct a public interview with the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. He is now Chief Storyteller at Microsoft and General Manager of Microsoft’s Image & Culture team.

Clayton is a very good speaker and his talk definitely gives us a lot of insights about the importance of storytelling at Microsoft today. Let us know your thoughts this video comments below.