Microsoft’s gets a new logo and major design refresh



We learned back in April of this year that Microsoft was looking to “rebrand” Bing, unveiling a boomerang shaped logo for the search engine. Today, Microsoft has unveiled the new logo and major design refresh.

We’ve already seen Microsoft re-brand its Windows operating system as well as Office and even the company logo, but now its time for Bing to be rebranded. The new Bing Logo, as seen in the screenshot above and below, the logo now reflects the search engine’s role in almost every Microsoft product.

New Bing Logo

“We can now speak to our Xbox consoles to find and interact with digital entertainment. Our Windows Phones offer contextually relevant suggestions and can translate languages in real time. Bing image search is now part of Word, and Bing Maps part of Excel. Bing is now an important service layer for Microsoft, and we wanted to create a new brand identity to reflect its companywide role,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The new Bing logo has been designed to “feel at home” alongside all of Microsoft products, including Windows, Windows Phone, and Office. now features a combined region on the right side of the search results page, which now displays related content from social networks and people, places, and things.

“With this release we’ve created a modern experience – one that is faster, cleaner and more visually appealing. We believe that search can be beautiful as well as functional and efficient. With that as our goal, we evaluated fonts, spacing, color, visual scan patterns, the search box and even the underlying code,” Microsoft adds.

“designed to feel at home alongside all of Microsoft products” introduces a new feature called “Page Zero” which helps you find what you are looking for before you even see the search results page. Simply type a query and Page Zero will show you content before you even hit enter or search. 

Head over to to check out the new look. Microsoft is about ready to roll out the new design to everyone, but in the mean time, you can play around with the new design. Perhaps Microsoft will roll out this new design when Windows 8.1 hits general availability on October 17th. Hit the source link to read the entire announcement.