Microsoft’s Bing Chat to introduce “No Search” feature as a plugin

Priya Walia

Bing Chat

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Mikhail Parakhin, the former head of Microsoft’s Advertising and Web Services, disclosed an intriguing development related to Bing Chat. A limited number of privileged users were granted access to an exclusive feature called “No Search.”

The feature allows users to disable Bing Chat from doing a web search, presenting certain advantages for specific tasks and interactions. By disconnecting from the web search functionality, users could experience a more focused and personalized interaction with the chatbot. The feature was received with great enthusiasm by the select few who were fortunate enough to test it.

However, despite this initial announcement, there has been a dearth of updates regarding the expansion of the “No Search” feature to a wider audience of Bing Chat users.

When this question was posed to Mikhail Parakhin, who has since assumed the role of head of Windows and Web Devices, he revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that the feature is transforming. It will be reimagined as a plugin, offering an improved user experience, and awaiting a general plugin rollout.

While the exact details of this plugin integration remain undisclosed, the implications are promising for Bing Chat users worldwide. Transitioning “No Search” into a plugin suggests a more accessible and seamless adoption of the feature in the future.

As of now, the precise timeline for the general rollout of the plugin remains uncertain. Until then, enthusiasts eagerly await more information regarding the expanded availability and potential applications of the “No Search” feature within Bing Chat’s ecosystem.