Microsoft’s big “hardwear” reveal is actually a clothing & merch partnership with a designer

Arif Bacchus

You might remember when Microsoft was teasing “hardwear,” and it turns out that our intuition was correct. Microsoft didn’t end up launching a new Surface or version of Windows, and the entire social media tease was just a craze to hype up a new clothing and merchandise partnership with a designer.

You can learn more about the partnership in the video above, but it basically is the result of the designer Gavin Mathieu teaming up with Microsoft. The designer created a nine-piece collection of tees, hats, sweats, jackets, and pants featuring Microsoft products. There’s a shirt with Microsoft Paint, a shirt with the Windows XP wallpaper, a hat with the classic Microsoft Logo, and more.

You can buy these items if you please, and prices range from $60 to $150. Who knows, it might end up becoming collector’s items, just like the annual holiday sweaters.