Microsoft’s Ben the PC Guy hits the streets with a Google Chromebook, see what happens


Microsoft's Ben the PC Guy hits the streets with a Google Chromebook, see what happens

Just last week, we were introduced to a video from Microsoft that blatantly bashes the Google Chromebook. In essence, the video touts the Chromebook as being a brick and not a real laptop. Today, we’ve stumbled upon an unlisted video on the company’s official YouTube channel which features Ben the PC Guy walking the streets of Venice, California, with a Google Chromebook. Uh-oh!

“Google says its everything you need in one laptop, we’re going to show it to some real people and see if that’s really the case,” Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph stated in the video. Throughout the video, Ben downplays the features of the Google Chromebook by mentioning facts like “Chromebook doesn’t run Photoshop” and “Word, Excel, PowerPoint – cant install on this one.” One “real person” even stated that the Chromebook “wasn’t practical.”

“I don’t think theres anything I need in that laptop,” says one woman in the video about the Chromebook. Overall, the tone of the video is anti-Chromebook. Ben eventually showcases a Windows laptop/tablet and touts its features and price point, along with the ability to be productive. Forget Chromebook, everything you need in one laptop – well – that would be a Windows 8 laptop.

We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. Check it out and let us know what you think – before the video gets pulled!