Microsoft’s AI-powered Eye Contact technology is now available on the Surface Pro X

Laurent Giret

Eye Contact Surface Pro X

Microsoft announced today that its AI-powered Eye Contact technology is now generally available for Surface Pro X owners. Eye Contact leverages the dedicated AI silicon in the Surface Pro X’s SQ1 SoC to automatically adjust your gaze during video calls, making you appear as if you’re looking right at the camera.

“Eye Contact adjusts the users’ gaze across all these scenarios, helping people to make eye contact as if they were right in the same room. The feature can be simply toggled on or off inside the Surface App and once enabled will be automatically applied any time you use the camera, so it works across any video calling service (i.e. Microsoft Teams) or even when recording a video,” explained Stevie Bathiche, Microsoft Technical Fellow.

As of today, Eye Contact is only available on the Surface Pro X as other Surface lacks the dedicated silicon to enable it. However, Microsoft is apparently open to the idea of bringing similar AI-powered experiences to other devices going forward. “We believe a various number and type of these AI experiences will be infused across the Surface product line. What experiences and when will be a function of the capability of the device (such as its AI acceleration ability), the AI software platform, and customer needs,” said Bathiche.