Microsoft’s Xbox Gear Shop adds loads of Wasteland 3 video game merch

Brad Stephenson

A male model with ink hair wearing an Xbox Wasteland 3 t-shirt

The official Xbox Gear Shop online store this week added a variety of merchandise and collectibles inspired by the Wasteland 3 video game.

Amongst the new Wasteland 3 merch are Cult of the Holy Detonation T-shirt and hoodie, Major Tomcat T-shirts and sweatshirt, Wasteland 3 stickers, a Battle of Steeltown print, a Major Tomcat mug, and a Los Payasos hoodie.

In non-Wasteland 3 merch news, the Xbox Gear Shop has also added the official Halo Infinite Marc V and Escharum Funko Pop figures.

Xbox Gear Shop merch

The Xbox Gear Shop is an official online storefront products based on and inspired by Xbox video games. It ships to most major regions and often sells products that are unavailable anywhere else.

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