Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are kicking PlayStation’s butt in Latin America

Brad Stephenson

A new report out of Mexico from the Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) has revealed that not only is Microsoft dominating over half of the video game industry in Latin America, but the most-owned console is their Xbox 360, not the newer Xbox One.

According to the report, Microsoft’s consoles currently have 57.9% market share in Latin American countries. 39.8% of total consoles are Xbox 360, 12% are Xbox One, and surprisingly 6% is still held by the original Xbox console which is beating Nintendo’s new WiiU console (at 3%) and Sony’s PlayStation 2 (4.5%).

Of the other consoles, Nintendo’s Wii ties with the Xbox One at 12% and the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 are sitting at 10.5% and 9% respectively.

Microsoft has a history of performing better against its rivals in Latin America than in other regions. One example of this is with their Windows Phones which have famously struggled to compete with Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone devices in North America but managed to rank as the second-highest mobile platform in Latin America back in 2013. The situation with Windows Phone has obviously changed since then however.

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