Microsoft wants your suggestions on how the next Visual Studio ‘Start Page’ should look like


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The Visual Studio start page has evolved over the years, ever since Visual Studio .Net (2002) was released. In a new official blog post, Microsoft is looking for developer feedback on how the start page of the next version of Visual Studio should look like.

“For the next version of Visual Studio we’d like to hear from you about what you’d like on the start page, for example: What information would you like us to display (including non-Microsoft sources)? If we made it extensible and customizable would you use it? If so, how?” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. You can head over to the UserVoice feedback site to leave your feedback.

In the blog post, Microsoft takes you on a trip down memory lane with all the previous editions of Visual Studio, dating back to Visual Studio .NET in 2002. Microsoft showcased the different start pages in each edition all the way up to the most current edition of Visual Studio 2013.

For example, Microsoft added how-to videos in the Visual Studio 2012 start page and they were extremely popular. “The introduction of the Premium and Ultimate editions and the increased functionality of the tooling they provided led to the creation of a number of “How To” videos that were eventually included on the start page. Based on our telemetry, many of you like these a lot as we’re seeing downloads approaching 950,000 per month,” Microsoft explained.

Visual Studio 2013 features a cleaner start page with highlights of information that developers commonly use. Microsoft can now deliver videos via an RSS feed, rather than offering an update to the software just to showcase new videos like the company was doing previously.

Visual Studio 2013 launches on November 13th of this year.

Head over to the source link to see the different start pages. Don’t forget to leave your feedback on what you think the new start screen for the next version of Visual Studio should look like.

Visual Studio .NET start page

Visual Studio .NET (2002) start page