Microsoft Vancouver invites local startups to first annual Tech Foosball Championship

Michael Cottuli

You’d be forgiven for thinking that foosball is just a silly game for college kids with too much time on their hands, but it’s actually a silly game for adults who work at technology start-ups, too. Microsoft Vancouver invited local tech companies to compete in their first annual Tech Foosball Championship recently, and the result is what seems to have been an incredibly fun day where like-minded people could get together, put on ridiculous mascot costumes, play foosball, and just have a good time.

The tournament’s highlights were put up on YouTube for those interesting in seeing what the tournament was like. Fans of Microsoft Vancouver, fans of foosball, and fans of the nebulous concept of “fun” should all take a few minutes to watch. The winners of the tournament (Spoiler: the winners were from Global Relay, a communications company) got themselves a trophy to take home, along with the ever-important bragging rights going into next year’s tournament.

No ground-breaking news or serious events to analyze here–just a reminder that Microsoft and all of the other tech geeks out there running businesses still like to have fun every now and again. Here’s hoping that the 33 tech companies that took part in the tournament all have a fruitful future ahead of them.