Microsoft partners with Verizon to use their CDN for Azure video services

Sean Cameron


Microsoft’s goal with Azure has always been to offer greater functionality and deeper customization offerings than its competitors, like Amazon and Google, who develop most of their offerings in-house. To achieve this state of affairs, Redmond has been working tirelessly with a set of partners in order to offer the best service available to customers across the globe.

As can be seen with Gamestop’s decision to use Azure to deliver video content, the features offered by the service are expanding considerably from where they originally began. To deliver this new service, Microsoft late last year quietly partnered with Verizon to use their Content Delivery Network (CDN), according to a report from Seeking Alpha.


By offering a stable video delivery service, it is possible that Microsoft intends to eventually make inroads into content delivery for the entertainment industry. With Verizon being a leading name in the area, this new service will be able to deal with all the most complex aspects of video creation, management and delivery from one easy-to-use terminus.

As the Azure service expands in scope and scale, expect to see more such partnerships from Redmond in the future, as it seeks to become the number one cloud service provider globally.

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