Microsoft updates Sway, makes it even easier to create beautiful presentations

Fahad Al-Riyami

Microsoft updates Sway to make it even easier to create beautiful presentations

Today, Microsoft has updated Sway with great new features to help users unleash their creativity. If you haven’t heard of Sway before, it’s a new presentation tool that hopes to make it extremely easy to create great presentations.

Sway is a cloud-based solution to it can be accessed from any platform including the web. Some of the new features that come as part of this update include the ability to add third-party embeds to presentations, so users just need to use an embed code to get new content. Embeds could be in the form of videos, images, audio clips, maps, charts, or documents.

Another new feature is the ability to import content from a document automatically into a Sway presentation. In addition to importing for .pdf files that was added back in December, users can now also import from Word and PowerPoint files. In the previous update, Microsoft made it easy to group images and text together, but after doing so, it was difficult to separate them. This is now fixed as Microsoft has added a handy ‘Separate’ function to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has been heavily relying on user feedback to improve Sway which is still in its Preview stage, so if you like Sway and think it has potential to be better, don’t hesitate to contact Microsoft with your ideas and suggestions, the company wants to hear from you!