Microsoft updates its terms and policies, says it won’t look into your emails


Microsoft updates its terms and policies, won't look into your emails

Over the past few months Microsoft has shown its concerns toward users’ privacy. Today, in an effort to make things more transparent to users and gain people’s trust, Microsoft updated its service agreement and privacy policy. The software giant said that it will no longer look into users’ emails to target ads to them.

It is worth noting that Microsoft runs Scroogled campaigns, where it criticizes Google for — in any way — for look at user’s emails to target ads to them. Microsoft made its stance clear today when it said that it will not look into emails, chats, photos or any other personal files for advertising purpose. “Nor do we use your documents, photos, or other personal files to target advertising to you”.

The company also updated its Code of Conduct to make it easy for users to understand what affects their account. Microsoft said that parents will be held responsible for minor children’s use of Microsoft accounts and services, and that includes purchases as well.    

These new policies apply to not only Outlook, but other Microsoft services such as OneDrive, and Bing as well. However, this will only go in effect starting July 31, 2014.