Microsoft updates Bing image search, now shows relevant Pinterest boards alongside results


Bing image search with Pinterest results

In an official blog post today, Microsoft has revealed an update to the Bing image search feature which will now showcase relevant Pinterest boards alongside your search results. 

“Back in April, we introduced the Pin to Pinterest feature, allowing you to pin and save results directly from Bing image search. And today, we’re excited to announce Image collections for Bing image search, which brings together curated collections of images from around the web. Now, when you search for an image on Bing, you’ll notice related boards on Pinterest right alongside regular search results,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft states that the most interesting pictures are being collected by people and not computers. Microsoft wanted to have the best of both worlds when it comes to computer algorithms and “the judgment” of real people. In other words, having Pinterest results show up alongside search results only improves and enhances ones search experience.

Head over to Bing image search and try out the new feature.