Microsoft unveils Type Cover 2, backlit and comes in many different colors


Type Cover 2

During the Microsoft Surface press event today in New York City, Microsoft unveiled the Type Cover 2. “This is interesting, Type Cover 2 is a beautiful product. It is a beautiful product. It comes in many different colors.”

Microsoft’s Panos Panay took the stage and “pushed the barrier” when announcing the new Type Cover 2 colors. These new colors include Cyan, Magenta, Purple, and Black. Not only are there new colors, but the cover is actually 1 millimeter smaller! The Type Cover 2 is also backlit. 

“It’s clear input makes you productive. Typing is scenario that makes you productive. This product does that, this product has changed. It’s exactly 1mm thinner than the last Type Cover,” Panay adds.

The Touch Cover 2 has 1092 sensors, compared to the original Touch Cover which only had 80 sensors. There is also a high resolution sensor that helps you avoid missing a key when typing. These new covers are backwards compatible and will work on the first generation Surface devices.

The Touch Cover 2 runs for $119.99 while the Type Cover 2 runs for $129.99.