Register today for Microsoft’s Data Science Summit for a deep dive into big data and machine learning

Kit McDonald

Registration has opened up for the Microsoft Data Science Summit set to take place during September 26-27 in Atlanta, GA.The two-day event of data science and understand will be led by experts and Microsoft engineers.

The goal of the summit is to provide those attending with a better understanding of current Big Data, Machine Learning, and Open Source technologies that can improve customer interactions. Leaders of the breakout sessions will help understand how to build data-driven solutions with the use of R, Python, Hadoop, Spark, and AI bots. Attendees will also be able to take part in hands-on interactive lab sessions to learn more about reaching business solutions concerning data science and create new possibilities moving forward.

As a highlight, Corporate Vice President Joseph Sirosh will be on stage to give the keynote speech. For an hour and a half, he’ll talk about the next generation of intelligent applications and how they can be used for your business’ deeper data insights, meaningful actions, and increase in profits.

The agenda for the Data Science Summit officially has the keynote slotted to begin at 8:30 am on Monday morning with two full days of labs and breakout sessions. Currently, the schedule shows the overall time slots, but the entire catalog will be made public in August. The current list of topics includes:

  • CNTK and Project Philly: Microsoft’s Deep Learning Platform
  • Creating a Churn Analytics Solution
  • Creating a Predictive Maintenance Solution
    Data Science for Absolutely Everybody
  • Deploying a Predictive Maintenance Cortana Intelligence Suite Solution Template
  • Getting Started with Cognitive Services and Bot Framework to Enrich Your Business Scenarios
  • Information Management Using Cortana Intelligence Suite
  • Inside the Data Science Virtual Machine
  • Overview of Cortana Intelligence Suite
  • Patterns & Practices for Moving Data at Scale
  • Unlock Real-Time Predictive Insights from the Internet of Things
  • Unsupervised Techniques for Discovering Trends, Correlations and Anomalies in Collections of Unstructured Text
  • What Is Your Data Science Super Power? Tips and Tricks to Successful Data Science

For those interested in attending, head over to the registration page and set yourself up.