Microsoft to share more Edge roadmap info with updates to What’s New page

Rabia Noureen

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The new Chromium-based Edge browser is now receiving new features at a much faster pace, with Microsoft opting for a 6-week release cycle. The company has maintained a Microsoft Edge release schedule for the Beta and Stable channels and an Enterprise roadmap for customers for quite some time.

In a new blog post published yesterday, Microsoft has reiterated its ambition to keep enthusiasts and consumers informed about upcoming features. As it turns out, the company has redesigned the “What’s Next” page available on the Edge Insider website, and we now have a more detailed feature roadmap for the browser.

“We have been working on improving the release notes and will continue to investigate changes that we can make to be more immediate and descriptive. For the roadmap, we are happy to announce that in addition to the Enterprise focused roadmap we have revamped the What’s Next page on our insider website,” the company explained.

thumbnail image 1 captioned screenshot of Feature Roadmap from Microsoft Edge Insider website

The updated “What’s Next” section details almost all the new features the company aims to ship in the first half of 2021. “We published the first set of items there before the end of the year and will be updating with each Beta release as they come out,” the Microsoft Edge team said yesterday.

Microsoft believes that this should be a useful resource for people going forward, and it will keep them informed about when the Microsoft Edge team plans to release important updates for the Beta and Stable channels. You can find more details about upcoming features on the Microsoft Edge Insider website.

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