Microsoft to promote 3rd party Windows Store apps across premium services like, Skype

Michael Cottuli

If you’re interested in doing some advertising on Microsoft’s several services, you may be interested in the Universal Campaign program. The program is Microsoft’s new way of sending advertisements out on services like MSN, Skype, Microsoft Solitaire, and more.

Any campaigns that use auto-targeting will automatically be designated Universal Campaigns, and as such will be sent out on all of those Microsoft platforms. You’ll still be able to make a Universal Campaign if you don’t want to enable auto-targeting, however. Just make sure to enable the “Universal” option when you’re in the Audience section of your campaign.

Microsoft is making this improvement to advertising in the hopes that it can expand the reach of 3rd party developers who want to get the word out regarding their app. If you decide that you want to take the step into expanded advertising with the Universal Campaigns feature, Microsoft urges you to share your feedback in order to improve it for future users.