Microsoft to add new Dynamics 365 AI-driven insights applications

Laurent Giret

Microsoft to add new Dynamics 365 AI-driven insights applications

Microsoft announced today an important update for its portfolio of AI-driven Dynamics 365 apps. First of all, the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights app that launched earlier this spring is getting new features to address B2B scenarios.

“Now, with the ability to add an organization as a first-class entity, organizations can map leads and contacts to buying groups, accounts and account hierarchies, giving them the ability to build segments and measure the relationship between an account and contact. Any organization—in any industry, from amusement parks to retailers and manufacturers— can effortlessly connect data from every source of interaction and arm employees with a single source of truth right within the external business applications they use every day,”

explained Alysa Taylor, CVP of Business Applications & Global Industry at Microsoft.

The company also introduced today two new retail-focused apps named Dynamics 365 Commerce and Dynamics 365 Connected Store. The first one is a solution that unifies back office, in-store, call center and digital experiences in a single interface with intelligent features, while the second one will help companies improve the retail experience by analyzing data from video cameras and IoT sensors.

This “wave 2” rollout of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 suite will also include Dynamics 365 Product Insights, a new app which will use product telemetry to help companies “build richer relationships and improve engagement.” To learn more about these latest Dynamics 365 updates, make sure the watch the free Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event that the company will hold October 10.