Microsoft thinks Windows 9 needs to be “deeply personal” to stay relevant in 2015

Zac Bowden

Microsoft Motivation

Something rather heartwarming is currently floating around internally at Microsoft. It appears to be a poster with tag lines which may or may not be used to market the next major version Windows when it launches in 2015, and the tag lines seem to tell us where Microsoft is headed with Windows 9. has acquired the poster, and as you can see above, it appears to be motivating the company to build something better. The current stance with the development team is to get Windows 9 out the door and pretend Windows 8 didn’t happen. How will Microsoft do this? They can’t go back to Windows 7 as the world doesn’t want just another operating system.

If this poster is anything to go by, Microsoft is worried that Windows will no longer be relevant in 2015, and that Windows 9 will need to change the game by becoming “deeply personal, [and a] universally human way of operating.” Whatever this means, I like the sound of it. We already know that the personal assistant Cortana is on the way, with user experience improvements for both desktop and tablets users too.

The poster finishes with a simple but true statement, “Because the world needs Windows”. Windows in 2015 is set to align everything, including phone, tablet, PC, TV and indeed Xbox. This is Microsoft’s biggest ever release of Windows, and we’re excited for it. A preview version of the operating system is set to debut this fall, with an RTM release sometime in Spring 2015.