Microsoft testing image recognition and visual search in Bing Chat

Pranav Bhardwaj

Microsoft Bing Sydney

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Microsoft is currently conducting tests on image recognition and visual search capabilities within its Bing Chat platform. This new feature allows users to upload an image and ask Bing Chat questions related to that specific image, providing a more interactive search experience.

The image recognition and visual search functionality known as visual search, already exist within Bing Image search. However, Microsoft is now extending these capabilities to its chat platform to enhance user engagement and provide more comprehensive search results.

According to Microsoft’s Advertising and Web Services CEO, Mikhail Parakhin, the testing phase is currently limited to 5% of all searches. Parakhin recently shared this information multiple times on Twitter, stating, “We are flighting at 5% right now, if all goes well – will keep increasing.” He emphasized the importance of ensuring safety and maintaining the quality of regular chat interactions before rolling out the feature to a broader audience. Parakhin also mentioned that the initial flight for image recognition is underway, and as confidence in its quality and safety grows, the feature will be made available to a wider user base.

While the image recognition and visual search feature are in progress, Bing is also working on separate plugin functionalities. Parakhin expressed hope that the plugins will begin their testing phase within a matter of weeks, indicating Microsoft’s commitment to expanding the capabilities of Bing Chat even further.

By introducing image recognition and visual search to Bing Chat, Microsoft aims to provide users with a more interactive and immersive search experience. As the testing phase progresses and the feature proves to be safe and reliable, users can expect a broader rollout in the future, enabling them to explore and discover information in a more visually driven manner.

Via: Search Engine Roundtable