Microsoft technologies help Crystal Group keep up with fashion at record speeds

Michael Cottuli

If you pay attention to the fashion world, you know that things move fast. This is attributed to “fast fashion,” which has completely turned the art of clothes manufacturing on its head. Back in the day, it used to take up to 30 days for fashion to come from the runway to your clothes store – which, in many cases, was enough time for it to be out of fashion.

With fast fashion, clothes can be ready much quicker, which is an absolute necessity for a market that moves as quickly as this one.

Using Microsoft technologies, Crystal Group is able to make fast fashion even faster. By using Universal Windows Platform applications, they’re able to maximize the mobility of their entire sales force, keeping one cohesive set of tools wherever they go. As far as Crystal Group’s customers are concerned, this also means that they can use automated apps to design their custom clothes, instead of manually trying to figure out each detail. Where the production of a prototype used to take up to 7 days, Crystal Group can now do the same work in under 12 hours. A faster prototype means a happier customer, and that’s always a good thing.

If watching the video wasn’t enough to shed light on Crystal Group’s story, you can also ready Microsoft’s blog post on the subject, which sheds a little bit more light on everything. You’ll also be able to learn a little bit more about Crystal Group by checking out their customer story on Microsoft’s website, where they talk a little bit more about their digital transformation, and what challenges they faced during the process. If you’re considering upgrading your business model to something a little bit more digitally focused, this is a pretty inspirational story.