Microsoft Teams posts developer changelog, vows to keep it up to date

Laurent Giret

Since Microsoft launched the Microsoft Teams Developer Preview back in November 2016, the company has invited developers to build apps for its new team collaboration platform. Microsoft has made it easy for developers to integrate their own services with Teams, and there is now a healthy number of apps in the dedicated Store.

The Redmond giant is regularly adding new developer features to the Microsoft Teams platform, and the company has acknowledged that it’s not exactly easy to keep track of what’s new. Bill Bliss, Platform Architect and Head of Developer Ecosystem for Microsoft Teams announced this week the creation of a new webpage where devs can find the latest info about the platform:

Bliss promised that he and his team will keep this page up to date, so you might want to add it to your bookmarks. If you want keep track of what’s new in Microsoft Teams for desktop, web and mobile devices, you can also check this support page where you can find detailed changelogs for every new release.