Microsoft Teams now makes it easier to work with people in other tenants

Devesh Beri

Microsoft Teams is introducing new features designed for multi-tenant organizations, enabling more effective collaboration and communication. Microsoft also introduced Typeface AI for Microsoft Teams for Business.

A multi-tenant organization comprises several tenants. There are several reasons why an organization may have multiple tenants, such as having multiple independent subsidiaries or business units or acquiring and merging with other organizations.

Here are the features introduced by Microsoft Teams:

  • Side-by-side multitasking and cross-tenant notifications: This feature allows users to work on different tenants and accounts simultaneously in separate windows while receiving notifications for all added accounts and tenants in Teams client.
  • Improved people search and chat experience: This ensures that when searching for colleagues in an MTO group, only one result is returned with their home tenant name, and chat conversations are combined.
  • Richer meeting experience: This feature allows users to join meetings from their own tenant and enjoy the same high-quality meeting experience.
  • Using shared channels for seamless cross-tenant collaboration and communication: Users can chat, call, meet, and collaborate on files with stakeholders in other tenants without switching.

To enable MTO in Teams, admins must configure their MTO tenant in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Teams will automatically activate MTO features after configuration.