Microsoft Teams meetings now offer Live captions and transcriptions in 27 new languages

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Live Events

Microsoft Teams has released some important updates for its AI-powered Live captions and transcription capabilities in meetings. Indeed, the Microsoft 365 roadmap suggests that both these features now support meetings in 27 new languages.

Previously, the Live captions and transcription features in Teams were only available for English-speaking users, but the app has now expanded this capability to 27 new spoken languages. The list includes French, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Hindi, and Japanese. This update should help to increase clarity and engagement during meetings.

To change the language of the Live caption during a meeting, select the menu (. . .) icon available at the bottom right corner of the meeting window and click the “Change spoken language” option. Choose your desired language and click confirm to apply the changes. Once changed, all meeting participants will see a notification on their screens informing them about this change.

If you have only enabled Live transcriptions in a meeting, you will need to navigate to the “Transcript” panel available on the right side of the screen and click the menu (. . .) icon. Select the “Change spoken language” option and then choose any language.

It is worth noting that this language change will affect both Live captions and transcriptions in Microsoft Teams meetings. Furthermore, the setting will be applicable to all meeting participants, and there is no way to set this option for specific users. If you want this to change, be sure to provide your feedback on Microsoft’s UserVoice forum.