Microsoft teams with ifixit to train repair people


Microsoft teams with ifixit to train repair people

Fixing electronics can be difficult, especially when it comes to phones and tablets, which are hard to even take apart. Microsoft is teaming up with the popular ifixit website in an effort to solve this problem, training employees of repair shops to get devices back in running condition. 

The training will be provided online and it will be free of charge. The goal behind all of this expense being laid out by the two companies is, according to Microsoft, increasing the reuse of smartphones and tablets, saving recycle costs and e-waste. 

“One study in the USA found that 62% of people said they have at least one unused mobile phone in their household. With mobile electronics containing valuable and often scarce resources, including copper, gold, lead, zinc, beryllium, tantalum, and coltan, they represent a large materials resource that can be “mined” by recycling them to help build the next generation of devices”, says Microsoft’s Josh Henretig. 

What Microsoft and ifixit plan is a better database of information. The software giant claims that a real resource of information to help out people was the missing element in today’s electronics environment. The hope is that more devices will get improved longevity, as opposed to finding the way to the landfill. 

“By sponsoring this repair business toolkit, we hope that some of the visitors may see this as an opportunity to create a green business for themselves, for their neighborhood, and for the planet”, Microsoft concludes. You can learn more about the Pro Tech Network here