Microsoft Teams gets its own 30 second commercial, shown on NFL games this weekend

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams saw an unprecedented growth this year when the covid-19 pandemic forced many employees to start working from home. The app now has over 75 million monthly active users and more than 13 million daily active users, and Microsoft recently launched a free consumer version of Teams that anyone can use to stay in touch with family and close friends.

As the fastest growing app in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Teams now gets its own TV ads during big events, such as the NFL games that aired in the US this weekend. In case you missed it, here’s the 30-second ad for Microsoft Teams that was shown (at least) on the Seahawks-Falcons game, and again on Sunday Night Football.

Interestingly, Teams has now become so big that these ads are apparently causing some people to freak out, especially due to the use of the Teams meeting sound. “Can we go ahead and not have Microsoft Teams commercials on Sunday Night Football? If Sunday Scaries aren’t bad enough, every commercial break I’m hearing the noise I hear whenever I join a meeting,” wrote Twitter user @ryanhelm75.

Another funny tweet from @tayahmarie__ echoed this sentiment. “Microsoft made a Teams commercial and anytime i see it/hear that ding sound, specifically on the weekends, i get triggered,” the tweet reads.

It’s good to see that Microsoft Teams is getting some screen time, and so did the company’s brand new Surface Duo dual-screen phone during the NFL games this weekend. Have you ever seen ads for Microsoft Teams on TV in your country? If so, let us know in the comments if they caught your attention in a positive or negative way.