Microsoft talks up cloud and hybrid enterprise application integration

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft is hosting its INTEGRATE 2016 conference at the BizTalk 360 event in London today where the company shared its vision on a seamlessly integrated cloud solution for its customers that combined cloud-native and hybrid deployments. As noted by a recent JP Morgan analysts report, Microsoft’s focus on hybrid cloud deployments has made it a natural fit for companies looking to dabble in establishing semi-cloud based infrastructures while still maintaining on-premises control of already built-out server investments.

During its time at BizTalk 360, Microsoft made note that due in part to a combination of BizTalk Server and Logic Apps the company can continue to tout its enterprise integration pitch.

We remain focused on delivering a hybrid integration platform that allows customers to extend their current on-premises BizTalk Server investments to the cloud through Logic Apps. Customers can now not only leverage extensive B2B/EDI capabilities, easily connect LOB applications to numerous SaaS and enterprise connectors but also consume Azure Services like Azure Machine Learning and Azure Functions through Logic Apps. Our goal is to evolve Logic Apps as an enterprise grade integration platform that brings core BizTalk Server capabilities to the cloud.”

With the upcoming release of a new BizTalk server 2016 and collection of Logic Apps, Microsoft is once again prepared to support new cloud and hybrid enterprise scenarios by enabling customer’s easier connection options to both on-premises setups as well as cloud-native applications. Furthermore, access to these solutions with Logic Apps as means access to other vast Azure resources such as Machine Learning and scalable workflows.

Microsoft also touts its recent addition to its IFTTT-like cloud-based solutions in Microsoft Flow. Microsoft Flow will, in the coming months, represent an integral part of the company’s integration solution for businesses looking to move to the cloud in some fashion.

Our newest SaaS offering that offers a code-less method for business users to solve integration problems. Microsoft Flow is a key part of our integration solution; focusing mainly on scenarios like notifications, data collection and business approvals.”

To find out more about Microsoft’s plans for cloud integration and hybrid solutions, visit the company’s Azure blog or head to its Feedback forums.