Microsoft takes a shot at Google Docs, calls it a ‘suboptimal experience’


Microsoft takes a shot at Google Docs and calls it a 'suboptimal experience'

In an official Office blog post, Microsoft is touting better collaboration across devices with modern Office experiences. The company also takes a shot at Google’s offerings, such as Docs and Sheets/Slides, saying that they offer a ‘suboptimal experience’ compared to Office.

Why settle for a suboptimal experience using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides when Office provides you the best experience available with the modern Office experience on PC and iPad already. Office will be available on other platforms soon. These Office experiences will continue to make collaborating across devices easier, richer and more complete than ever,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Office is already available on iPad, and the Redmond giant is rumored to launch a touch-first Office for Android soon.

Collaboration is essential when working on a team or on a project, and that is why you need productivity tools that are available no matter what device you and your team members use, and perform well in every situation. Everyone is familiar with Office, which happens to offer a consistent experience across devices and platforms. 

Microsoft also touts Office’s ability to retains the file fidelity and document formatting, no matter what device you access the document, spreadsheet, or presentation from. “If you open an Office document, spreadsheet or presentation on a PC, you will get the rich Office experience you’ve come to expect. Open that same Office file on an iPad, and the look and feel will be the same – right down to the formatting,” Microsoft adds.

If one of your team members moves the file to Google Drive, for example, you no longer experience the familiar Office look. Formatting also becomes a mess. Microsoft suggests that you do not waste your time reformatting your work when you can easily get it done with Office. In other words, don’t waste your time with Google’s offerings.