Microsoft takes a deeper dive into Delve Analytics

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft is always trying to find ways to help offices run more smoothly, and better manage their time. It’s one thing to make available a suite of tools that let employees do their job better, but at the end of the day, those tools can only be so effective when the people using them don’t have the data necessary to determine how to best utilize them. To help people keep track of the relevant figures that will allow them to work more efficiently, Microsoft is releasing “Delve Analytics,” a new Microsoft Office add-in that keeps track of all sorts of things so that you can make better use of your valuable time.

Delve Analytics will be keeping track of all sorts of numbers that you never knew you needed access to. It can tell you how long you’re spending reading emails, it can tell you when the last time is that you contacted someone (so that you can keep in touch with everyone on your team) and it gives you a detailed report at the end of the week so you can tell, at a glance, what you can improve on.

For those who might be worried about how an add-in like this is going to affect their security, they shouldn’t be too worried. In an FAQ that you can read more of in the official blog post, Microsoft assures us that everything that’s collected by Delve Analytics is confidential, and is only accessible by the person it’s collecting data on. Delve Analytics is, pure and simple, an intelligent cloud to inform you on how you budget your time throughout the day.

If you’re interested in getting Delve Analytics for yourself or your team, you can check out the official page right here.