Microsoft Sway gets some new templates and design tips

Michael Cottuli

Sway has been out for just over a year and it seems to have been a relatively solid success when it comes to web based presentation platforms The program allows people to create interactive presentations, offering a solidly stylistic solution for people who want to go above and beyond the PowerPoint. Whereas PowerPoint tends to be used for more traditional presentations, Sway opens up the door to doing things like newsletters and personal pages in a way that looks good and can be packed to the brim with features.

In the program’s year out in the wild, the Sway team got a number of requests to make some of its feature sets more apparent. In the hopes of doing that, the Sway team just put out a blog post revealing some tips as to how to effectively use the program. Along with these tips, the team also informed users that there are a few more templates that have recently been released, which can all be found right now under the “Start from a template” option Sway.

The new Sway guide went over a few key features that might make the experience more convenient and fruitful for users who have been trying to get the most out of the program. The guide goes over the remix function, the design button, extra customization options and layout choices in just enough detail to clear things up a bit. If you’ve been use Sway for any amount of time, a quick read over the blog post should give you a good idea on how to better manage its feature list. If the blog post is not enough or too dense for your liking, go ahead and take a look at the video above, which should give you a bit more detail.