Microsoft: Surface Pro 3 has great lapability, can be used effectively on your lap


Microsoft: Surface Pro 3 has great lapability, can be used effectively on your lap

Microsoft has coined the term ‘lapability’ and has used it in various press releases and videos but what exactly is it? According to Microsoft, lapability is a word that describes the ability of something to be used effectively on your lap. The company’s Surface Pro 3 is the perfect example of a product that has great lapability.

“When people first encounter Surface Pro 3, one of the first things they often do is put it on their lap. They want to know if they’ll be able to use it in the settings where they use their laptops today. This test is generally done sitting on a chair, with both feet flat on the floor. This is understandable, since this is the position that provides the biggest and most stable lap for most people,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post today.

The Surface Pro 3 takes lapability to a whole new level by allowing you to utilize the device with your feet on a coffee table, or while you are crossing your legs. The Surface Pro 3 features a continuous kickstand that uses friction to easily adjust to any angle up to 150 degrees. This allows once to utilize the device on your lap in various ways.

“A relatively narrow angle is great for a flat lap, while sitting on a couch with legs up on a coffee table is easy with a much wider angle. It’s easy to experiment and find the angle that works best in any setting. With one leg crossed wide across the other, I open the kickstand pretty wide and hang it over the crossed leg,” Microsoft’s Dan Laycock stated.

Microsoft is also touting the device’s weight and balance – it weighs only 1.76 pounds and is 0.36 inches thin. The device is balanced to feel excellent in your hands and to work amazingly as a laptop replacement. If you have yet to get your hands on a Surface Pro 3, head over to your local Microsoft Store, Best Buy, or Staples to check it out.