Microsoft Story Labs goes cartoonish to explain AI in first “Explanimators”

Arif Bacchus


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As noted by well-known Microsoft leaker, WalkingCat, Microsoft’s Story Labs is going cartoonish to explain AI in the first of what is a new series of “Explanimators.” The first story explains what is AI, how it works, and why it is only popular now.

Seen in the video above, the “explanimator” features an animated character (who is still using a Windows Phone!!) talking to Cortana. He begins by explaining what is the meaning of life, and then questions how we are supposed to “shine on” when we’re so busy trying to get stuff done.

Cortana takes over, explaining that AI can help by giving reminders and updates and that people are already using AI for all kinds of things across all kinds of devices. There is also talk of how AI is the result of a combination of advances in data, algorithms computing power, and machine learning. The video then ends with a discussion and examples of how AI can change the landscape of transit, healthcare, and business.

More “explanimators” can definitely be on the way, so if you’re interested, be sure to bookmark this web page and keep your eyes peeled for more from Microsoft. And, as always, be sure to drop us a comment below to let us know if you’ve found the latest videos helpful in our quest for understanding AI.