Microsoft still thinks they are the underdog, continues to take shots at Google


Microsoft's Frank Shaw

Microsoft’s Frank Shaw, the company’s VP of corporate communications, recently hinted in an interview that Google+ doesn’t really have that much interaction. In fact, Microsoft continues to give Google a tough time by improving Bing and having social integration with Facebook.

“If I’m going to have a party with my Facebook friends, it looks like a lot of fun. I have a lot of Facebook friends. And then a party with my Google+ friends, I could probably have in a rowboat…” Shaw stated in an interview.

Shaw believes Microsoft is the underdog when it comes to search. “There are places where we are underdogs. And we’re either real underdogs, as we are in Bing, or we’re perceptual underdogs. There are people out there who think we are not doing as well as we are,” Shaw adds. This forces Microsoft to innovate and overcome. In fact, Facebook recently choose Microsoft’s Bing search over Google search to power Graph Search. When it comes to Google+, Shaw had this to say: “Google is working very hard to pull people into that Google+ ecosystem. They are committed to getting people to sign up to that thing…” When it comes to the internet browser, Shaw had this to say: “The best thing about the Internet Explorer ads is reading the comments and the stories. It was like, ‘Are we paying these people to make these comments? Because they are making our point way better than we did.’ We were not. People liked it and they responded to it.” Shaw doesn’t reveal anything new, but we’ve highlighted most of the important parts of the interview. You can hit the source link for the full interview.

Microsoft and Google have gone at it in the past two years, including an argument over privacy policy changes as well as search engine results. Over the holiday season this past year, Microsoft launched a “Scroogled” campaign against Google’s search and even recently an issue came up with Microsoft and Google over Exchange ActiveSync. This battle is never ending!