Microsoft starts testing new Xbox features without requiring full OS updates

Laurent Giret

Xbox Insider

Microsoft is working improve the Xbox OS without requiring users to to download install full OS updates every time. Xbox Program Manager Brad Rossetti explained the experiment on Twitter, which will begin with a subset of Xbox Insiders in the Omega ring.

“This latest update will allow Team Xbox to flight new experiences for the console such as the Dashboard, Guide and Settings without the need of a full size system update that normally includes stability/perf fixes,” Rossetti explained on Twitter yesterday. This new process for flighting build will hopefully lead to more frequent changes on the Shell and other parts of the Xbox OS, which usually receives new updates almost every month.

Overall, this new initiative echoes what the Windows Insider team is also doing on Windows 10. Back in November, the team announced that it would begin shipping new features to Beta channels insiders through the Windows Feature Experience Pack, instead of requiring Insiders to install full builds. If this new process has yet to be used extensively on the Windows Insider Beta channel, it’s going to be interesting to see if this new flight process on the Xbox side of things will lead to more impactful changes ont the Xbox OS.