Microsoft splits Windows team in two, work being done on Windows 9 and Windows Blue

Zac Bowden

Remember Windows Blue? That mysterious update/OS everyone was talking about a few weeks back? Well, more information has appeared online regarding both Windows Blue and the next major version of Windows, for our sanity we’ll call it Windows 9.

It appears that Microsoft has now split the Windows team in two, giving them 2 different projects to work on. While both projects involve the development of Windows, the development of the projects will be different.

The first group is now working on the next version of Windows, which at this time is being called Windows 9 by the majority of tech enthusiasts. This will become what respectively is a 3 year release cycle for Windows, just like what Windows 8 is to Windows 7, it’ll be the ‘new’ version of Windows. The second group is working on the rumoured update/OS called Blue.

While information regarding Blue is still pretty scarce, we do know that Blue will be an update to Windows 8, and that’s all we know. The compiled builds of Windows Blue are all compiled with the build number of 9200, just like the Windows 8 RTM. So its possible that Blue is just an update to Windows 8, possibly bringing new features to the operating system, maybe like what the iPad does with iOS with every major release.

Of course, since this isn’t concrete information we should remind you to read with caution, as everything above this sentence could be fake.