Microsoft solicits HoloLens ideas from the community, will build the best one

Mark Coppock


Microsoft HoloLens is one of the company’s more innovative and pioneering efforts as of late and promises to make some serious noise over the next few years. The company recognizes the value of its augmented reality tool to all sorts of industries and has been pushing for ideas from developers and academia alike. Now, Microsoft is soliciting your ideas, through a program aimed directly at implementing feedback from the HoloLens community.
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Starting now and running through January 11, 2016, you can submit your HoloLens development ideas directly to Microsoft. To help you out, Microsoft will be providing information on HoloLens development concepts to help you flesh out your notions and provide the most useful feedback.
First, give a quick watch to the overview video:

Then, once all of the ideas are in, the HoloLens development team will choose the three most viable ideas and solicit votes from the Twitterverse. The winning idea will be brought to life by the development team, and everyone can follow along via weekly build reviews, Q&A, and much, much more. Finally, the result will be open sourced and made available for the HoloLens community to work their magic.
We’re sure that you’ve already thought of many awesome uses for Microsoft’s HoloLens, so what are you waiting for? Submit your ideas now, and may the best idea win.