Microsoft shows off the svelte innards of the Surface 3 at a swanky LA tech event

Sean Cameron


With the Surface 3, Microsoft is taking a different direction. Whereas the Surface Pro 3 was created with the sole intention of replacing your laptop, the Surface 3 is squarely aimed at taking the place of tablets, such as the iPad Air 2.

Looking at the design, this is easy to see. The Surface 3 is the thinnest yet in the Surface line, and weighs in at a mere 622g. Indeed, to more intimately display the finesse on offer with the Surface 3, Microsoft recently held a swanky event in Los Angeles, attended by a broad swathe of individuals from the world of tech and technology journalism. A number of intricate manufacturing processes were used to slim the device as much as possible, to find out more watch the full video.

Due to be released on May 7th 2015, but available for pre-order now, the Surface 3 is being keenly pushed by Microsoft as something of a must have item, a true competitor to the iPad. With a general fall in global tablet sales, and a lack of brand awareness, whether the public will enthusiastically adopt the Surface 3 is yet to be seen, however Microsoft is pulling out the stops to see its effort fly off the shelves.

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