Microsoft tears open the Surface Laptop SE and highlights how repairable it is

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft is highlighting how easy it is to repair the new Surface Laptop SE. The company published an iFixit style teardown video, showing how the entire education-focused device can come apart with minimum tools.

The roughly 8-minute long video begins with the simple step of unscrewing the Torx screws at the bottom of the device. After that, the disassembly continues by prying up the keyboard deck with a spudger tool. This gives access to removing the keyboard deck entirely by detaching just two cables. Other points in the video include steps to remove the display itself, as well as the motherboard, the battery, and the speakers. Microsoft highlights the modularity of the device, and how there’s no adhesive.

Despite the Microsoft video, it is important to note that the Laptop SE isn’t fully modular. The CPU, RAM, and storage are soldered to the motherboard and are non-upgradable. It’s also not a consumer device, but rather one designed for education users. It’s for these users where repairs can be lengthy, but with the Laptop SE being more self-repairable, it reduces the time needed to be spent out of service. We’re hoping the lessons learned from Laptop SE can also come over to the main Surface lineup one day.