Microsoft shows off the power of Continuum on Windows 10 (video)



Continuum for Windows 10 is a feature Microsoft announced back in April, which essentially turns your Windows 10 Mobile device into a desktop PC, allowing you to use a mouse and keyboard with apps scaled up as if they were running on a Windows 10 desktop. Since the announcement however, Microsoft hasn’t really shown off the feature in detail aside from quick showcases here and there.
Continuum is the notion that one computing experience is continued regardless of the device used or the location. It allows for a consistent user interface, a familiar style of operation for the user to become accustomed to.
A new video has surfaced online showcasing Continuum (spotted by @tfwbordom), and it appears to be an official advertisement from Microsoft. Seems like the ad may have gotten pulled for now (probably due to the music that was used) but it does show off Continuum on Windows 10. We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.