Microsoft shows off cloud based data in feature on transforming golf

Kit McDonald

Microsoft transforms golf course design w/ Gil Hanse in Course IQ app

The word ‘transform’ seems to be a popular analogy for Microsoft lately. From education to internet connectivity, the tech company has a diverse interest in changing how our culture interacts with cloud-based data. Its foray into professional sports such as NASCAR and NFL has not only improved their marketing but evolved the sidelines to more efficient entertainment.

Now Microsoft is thinking outside the box yet again. Through a paid advertisement on Wall Street Journal, they’ve announced a brand new focus for golf enthusiasts.

All of this data is being pulled together into the Microsoft Course IQ app, an experience that you can view online as of today. The tool has maps of over 30,000 golf courses taken by drones and mapped out in 3D. It contains information such as architect summaries, average scores, common weather conditions, and soil makeup. It even shows you how far down bedrock is at each golf course, in case that’s something you’ve been wondering to yourself. The soil information might seem a bit in left field at first, but these little points of cloud-based data are what really weaves the full picture that Microsoft wants to provide.

With this information, designers will be able to estimate golf course maintenance, how challenging the course might be, and length of play time.  Check out the Microsoft Course IQ app available in your browser and let us know what you think about it.