Microsoft shows off how Windows devices can help retailers


Microsoft shows off how Windows devices can help retailers

Windows devices such as desktop, laptop, mobiles and tablets, are usually thought of as being used in the home, or in the office, but in reality they are used in far more places than this. On the shop floor, technology is helping retailers to better manger their businesses. This is something that may be hard to appreciate as a consumer — but Microsoft has put together a video to highlight just how Windows devices are helping retailers.

At the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show EXPO, Microsoft used the video to show how its devices can be used by shop staff to engage with customers and provide better service. Much of the video is focused on the importance of integrated systems and the ease with which a Windows tablet can place valuable data at the fingertips of whoever may need it.

There’s a touch of Minority Report to the video (albeit slightly less futuristic!) and the video shows how retailers can use the information Microsoft systems enable them to access to help improve efficiency and flexibility. One employee is shown using a handheld device to ring up a sale and take payment on the shop floor, avoiding the need for the customer to head to the checkout.

While the video shows how Windows devices can help retailers, retailers are there to help customers — and that means you and me!

Check out the video below and see what you think.