Microsoft IT Showcase is the first app listing HoloLens support

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft HoloLens is a wearable holographic headset which will make holograms come to life in the world around you. The device is expected to see the light of the sometime next year, hopefully, with an ecosystem of apps so users can make the most out of the wearable device. The first app that lists support for the wearable device is now available in the Windows Store and is known as Microsoft IT Showcase (via Neowin).
The app revolves around the latest IT innovations at Microsoft. With the app, users can stay on top of Microsoft IT process for developing, deploying, and managing Microsoft solutions. If you open the app page, you’ll notice HoleLens under the screenshots heading, which to be honest doesn’t provide any interesting information about the wearable device but appears to be the first app with such a listing.
Microsoft did confirm that all modern apps will bring support for HoloLens, but this is the first time a listing for HoloLens has been seen in the Windows Store. To see the HoloLens screenshot listing you have to view it through the Windows Store, not a browser.

Microsoft IT Showcase
Microsoft IT Showcase