Microsoft sets October 24th for 1st qtr earnings release, gets some good news after a tough week in the market

Kip Kniskern

If you follow the US stock market (and recently I do, a little bit too closely), you’ll know that this was a tough week for stocks, especially tech ones. Microsoft, before rebounding slightly today, took quite a hit for the week, dropping from an early high of 112.97 to a low of 105.46, and other tech stocks and the market in general took a beating. Luckily the news is a bit better today, and the company got a bit of extra help this morning as financial analysis firm Macquarie upgraded Microsoft stocks from “Neutral” to “Outperform,” suggesting a target price of $121.

In somewhat related news, Microsoft is set to share its first quarter earnings, announcing that it will publish fiscal year 2019 first-quarter financial results on October 24th. As usual, there will be a live webcast of the earnings conference call at 2:30 Pacific time. We’ll be watching closely, but expect the company to continue on the roll it’s been on, market glitches or no.