Microsoft sends Yammer’s plush blue mascot ‘Yammy’ into space, because why not?


Microsoft sends Yammer's plush blue mascot 'Yammy' into space, because why not?

Microsoft is showcasing a video that highlight’s Yammer’s plush blue mascot ‘Yammy’ soaring above the earth. Microsoft attached Yammy onto a weather balloon with a camera to record Yammy’s adventures in space.. because, why not?

“We got a great response from our social media followers and a lot of people asked for more information about how we did it. The short answer to that question is a weather balloon attached to a box with a video camera shooting out of the side. The long answer is that some of Yammer’s most creative minds had a fun idea that they turned into an even more fun project,” writes Adam Bonefeste, from the Yammer team.

Yammer, for those that did not know is a communication tool used within organizations and is an example of enterprise social software from Microsoft. This video has nothing to do with product advertisement, and is simply showcasing the Yammer team having fun.

The Yammer team followed up on questions raised by people on social media with some answers on the behind-the-scenes teamwork it took to pull off Yammy’s greatest adventure yet. You can head over to the VIA link below to read up on how Yammy was sent into space.