Microsoft sees Windows Server 8 as a cloud operating system


Microsoft is now seeing the upcoming Windows Server 8 as a cloud operating system which will provide better management capabilities, increased security, and significant cost savings. The company also believes that this operating system will help many customers move more of their business to the cloud.

“With Windows Server 8, we now see it as a cloud operating system, which is to say an OS for lots of servers and all the devices that connect them. That means we’re able to give customers a far more coherent experience at lower cost and lower effort on their part,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft believes that Windows Server 8 is the biggest and most transformational server release they have ever had. “It’s not just the great advances we’ve made in storage, networking and virtualization. What’s most transformational is the change of identity. In past, we always viewed Windows Server as an operating system for a single server,” Microsoft adds. Not anymore. Windows Server 8 will now be viewed as a cloud operating system.

“Windows Server 8 really sets us up to enable the little guy to get ahead. That’s what the cloud does; it puts this amazing power at everyone’s fingertips. With this release, we’re building the platform for that. When people who aren’t deeply technical have the capability to create solutions because the power is right there, it will be amazing to see what happens,” Jeffrey Snover, lead architect for Windows Server, stated in the blog post.

Microsoft believes that they have “pulled all the pieces together” when it comes to Windows Server 8 and promises to deliver a great solution.