Microsoft to hold “Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security” digital event on September 15th

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft - Vasu Jakkal Vp

Microsoft just announced that it will be hosting a new digital event for defenders against Ransomware.

On September 15, 2022, Microsoft’s digital event cleverly dubbed Stop Ransomware with Microsoft Security, will be gathering for anyone in charge of or tasked with keep users safe from Ransomware attacks while also a chance for the company to showcase two new security solutions intended to help offer a comprehensive look at present and upcoming security threats.

Executive vp of Microsoft Security Charlie Bell and corporate vp of Security, Compliance, Identity, and Privacy Business Vasu Jakkal will walk attendees through how to stay ahead of Ransomware with proactive approaches as well as introduce Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence and Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management.

The way Defender Threat Intelligence is described by Microsoft as a solution that analyzes signals from across the internet that’s leverage machine learning algorithms to produce insights “relevant to your organization.”

As for Defender External Attack Surface Management, users can locate unknown, unmanaged resources that happen to be visible from access points connected to the internet, essentially giving them the same street view as potential attackers.

Aside from demos and walkthroughs of Microsoft’s latest security solutions, attendees will also have an opportunity to join the following sessions to better equip themselves with the security knowledge to protect their organization data:

  • Ransomware, threat intelligence, and the state of security: Join Vasu Jakkal and Charlie Bell as they discuss the Microsoft approach to security, including what analysts are seeing in the threat landscape and how threat intelligence can help organizations prepare for the worst.
  • Unmask adversaries with Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence: Threat intelligence is the foundation of effective cybersecurity. As threats like ransomware increase in sophistication, it becomes even more critical to understand adversaries and their infrastructure. Learn how threat intelligence can enhance incident response and give your business the insights you need to stay ahead of threats.
  • Locate and secure your external attack surface: The external attack surface is constantly changing, and unknown, unsecured resources may fall outside your security coverage. Learn how to view your organization from the outside in—the same way an attacker does—and not only locate unmanaged assets but also protect them.
  • Threat intelligence is the cornerstone of solid security: Explore common use cases for threat intelligence and discover real-world applications to learn how you can enhance your existing security solutions and stop ransomware in its tracks.

Registration is open now and seemingly available for anyone who would like to join.